DARK AMBITION – Gallows of Empire

DARK AMBITION - Gallows of Empire

Origin: South Korea
Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal Melodic Black Metal Melodic Death Metal
Label: Dream On Rock Space Korea
Year: 2012

Dark Ambition is a melodic progressive black death metal band from South Korea. They’ve been around since 2002 and their first work was the EP “Crimson Temptation” from 2003 released via Jusin Productions. In 2007 the band’s debut full-length album “Tears of Daewongoon” was out, this time by Rock Space Korea and Dream On Records. 5 years later, on July 2012, Dark Ambition return with their second album “Gallows of Empire“.

Dark Ambition is a band with a personal and hard to describe music style. I would say they are somehow close to recent Sigh’s atmosphere, but with a less bombastic / symphonic / power approach. Unlike its one hour long predecessor, “Gallows of Empire” contains 8 songs lasting for only 32 minutes. The band has improved its production and musical skills and their new sound is very sharp, clear and straightforward. Their music is based on fast guitar riffing, sometimes melodic, other times rhythmic and their sound moves somewhere between black, death and heavy metal, mostly in a quite fast tempo. Keyboards have mostly an accompanying role, enriching the band’s sound and giving them this characteristic Eastern Asian touch in their music. There are some parts though, where synths have a melodic leading role and parts where their music gets a progressive metal color. Their vocals remain exclusively in the brutal side, with aggressive black metal screams, all in English. My personal opinion is that a bigger vocal variety would favor the band… What I find somehow paradox about Dark Ambition is that despite there are many non-melodic parts in their songs, the overall feeling I get each time I listen to this album is that of a very melodic work!

Gallows of Empire” is a very good work that fans of melodic death black metal, who are not stuck in the stereotypes of the genre, will appreciate. Dark Ambition try to create a personal sound, adding elements of their own culture (modern, not folk) and I hope this album is just the beginning. They have great production and seem skilled musicians; it’s up to them… The album is released again by Rock Space Korea and Dream On Records, so I don’t know if they’ll get worldwide distribution. The CD comes in a jewel case edition with two booklets. One typical 8-page colored booklet, and one smaller black & white 16-page booklet printed on transparent paper, including all the lyrics. I think the best way to get both their albums is to visit their official pages below and contact the band directly.


Rating:  (8/10)

Dark Ambition @ Facebook


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