FORTÍÐ reveal new album details

FORTID - Pagan Prophecies

The 4th full-length album from the Icelandic epic pagan black metal band Fortíð is entitled “Pagan Prophecies“. After moving to Norway in 2008 and finishing the “Völuspá” trilogy, Einar “Eldur” Thorberg Guðmundsson has returned with a full line up band. Three new members which equal three new elements applied to the soundscapes of Fortíð. This has already resulted in numerous live shows across Europe, and the making of the now highly anticipated new album “Pagan Prophecies“, the first monument of a new Fortíð era. “Pagan Prophecies” will be released as a digipak via Schwarzdorn Productions on 24th of August 2012.

1. Pagan Prophecies
2. Spirit of the North            
3. Electric Horizon
4. Lesser Sons of Greater Fathers
5. Sun Turns Black
6. Ad Handan
7. Endalok

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