VITER reveal artwork, tracklist and details of their debut full length

VITER - Springtime

“Springtime” is the 1st full length album from the Ukrainian band VITER, creators of unique musical style folk‘n’dustrial and outstanding miniCD Dzherelo. This is an energetic mixture of powerful metal riffs, electronica, Ukrainian ethno and alternative rock. It might be taken as a kind of musical perversion by some people, for others it’s a new rock music tendency, but all in all it’s an extraordinary phenomenon that whistles up astonishment. Mixing and mastering of the CD were performed by one of the best sound-engineers in Ukraine, Max Khomenko. During the first weeks after appearance of the album “Springtime” on CD Baby and iTunes in July 2012 there were more than 5,000 listenings of songs from this album only at social sound platform SoundCloud. As a physical media, the album will be released on September 1st by independent label Metalism Records in ordinary jewel-case format and as a A5 digipak limited to 100 copies. As an exclusive bonus for CD, a very limited amount of motanka-puppets was handcrafted by puppetmaster, according to original design of the album cover.

The album includes 10 absolutely new compositions being worked on for 2 years. During the time of the band’s existence musicians managed to crystallize new sounding that incorporated previous experience along with new musical ideas. The band recorded and sampled traditional Ukrainian instruments (even a chicken was used in one of the tracks), brought their sound closer to synthesized electronic esthetics, led industrial noise, electronic instruments and heavy guitar riffs into the music. Eventually the new music style was named Folk ‘n’ Dustrial. The lyrics being saturated with self-irony and grotesque reveal some aspects of interpersonal relations, in particular love and betrayal, indifference of the society. Some songs sound for listeners as an art of the top Neue Deutsche Härte bands, such as Rammstein, Oomph, In Extremo, but it’s not more than one of the songwriting influences. The album has been published in rather unusual way: starting from June 2012, every week the band released on its’ internet pages 1-2 singles, each of them with exclusively designed conceptual cover.

The band still continues to perform live shows in support of the album playing on one stage with such bands as Halloween, Týr, Moonsorrow, Arkona. The band takes a lot of care about stage show using various pyrotechnical and other visual effects. Following successful debut on the most powerful rock festival of Ukraine the Global East Rock Festival in 2011, the band enjoyed great support of the audience. One of the climax moments in the band’s performance is an eruption of two-meter high fountain of sparks from horn in the hands of the lead singer. The band crushes mercilessly on its’ live shows enormously long pipes of poisonous plant called “hogweed” which are handcrafted by Yulian. For autumn 2012 it has been planned a tour for promotion of new CD.

1. Wool Fish Love (Mountain Valley, Mountain Hills)
2. The Night Is So Moonlit
3. Marichka
4. For The Fire
5. Springtime
6. Diving Deep
7. Cold and Frozen
8. Viter
9. Day Eats Day
10. Two Colors

VITER - Springtime Flyer

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