BEER BEAR reveal cover artwork and tracklist of upcoming album

BEER BEAR - Beyond the Invisible Line

Russian folk metallers Beer Bear’s new album “За Незримой Чертой / Beyond the Invisible Line” will be released on 20th of October 2012 via SoundAge Productions. It is their second full-length after 2010′s “Honey“. Except for the normal jewel case version there will also be a limited to 500 copies digipak edition. The amazing cover artwork of the forthcoming album is by the Romanian painter Laura Sava. Here is the tracklist and a song by song description by the band:

1. Intro
2. Bears’ Wedding Day
3. Fire-Mead
4. Drink and Revel, Bears’ Gentry!                   
5. Folk-n-Roll
6. Beyond The Invisible Line
7. Holger Danske
8. Twin Soul
9. Na Zielonej Ukrainie
+ Bonus Track

1. “Intro” – Bagpipe intro for the new album was written by my good ukrainian friend – Alexey Shkuropatski (bagpipe in F.R.A.M. and Mystterra). This composition was written in Moscow when Alexey was being on a visit to me. It is possible to say that the use of bagpipe in this case was a kind of the “test of the pen”. The test was successful and in future we will add a bagpipe to our future compositions.

2. “Bears’ Wedding Day” – it’s a kind of greerings to our listeners from ex-vocalist of our band – Alexandr Vagabur Vagabov. This compositions wasn’t included to the first Beer Bear’s album because of some reasons. As a result i re-arranged this song and corrected the lyrics a little(the lyrics by Pan Zagloba/ Vagabur). The music of this song was written by Vagabur. The song in a maner that is pecular to us narrates about a wedding of a guy-bear and a girl-bear and about a scuffle that was happened among their beloved relatives =)

3. “Fire-Mead” – this is a song about genius bear, that reached to steal the bottleger’s device from the village redneck and to begin making a home-brew made of honey. By a number of evident reasons village guys, armed by guns and pitchforks, tried to take their precious device back, but their brave attempt came to grief because of bears’ salt shells that arrived into rednecks’ brave asses=) Mysic and Lyrics by pan Zagloba. The guest musician is Alexandr Oleinikov – accordion (ex Kalevala).

4. “Drink And Have Fun Bear’s gently!” – it’s a kind of mosaic made of two ukrainian folk songs (“Oh, whose wild mint is it?” and “From Nigine to Priluki”Smilie: ;) and some riffes of my composition. The ukrainian part of the song was performed by Eugenia Sizova. The riffes of my composition acquired a fervent text about unlucky bearded imp flying into the sky because of pan Bear’s friendly punch. This part of the song was recorded by me in russian.

5.”Folk-n-roll” is a composition well-known to the listeners because of the same named internet-release. The difference of this version in comparison with the ep-version is re-recorded rhytm section. Our new guitarist Ilya Shukin brought into this song a new fresh beer blues. Music and lyrics by pan Zagloba.

6. “Beyond the invisible line” – the title song of the album. The reflection of polish knight on the way to the other side to the enchanted forest. As a matter of fact it is my reflections to some extent. The music of this composition was written by me in co-authorship with our ex-drummer Kirill Beard Kasatkin. The lyrics is mine. The composition is remarkable by a wide use of acoustic guitar and ukrainian bandura which parties was recorded by a guest of the album – Ivan Solncesvit Luzan (Tin’ Sonca).

7. “Holger Danske” – this song was written by me even in 2006. I was thinking for a long time in what style should i make it’s arrangement (folk metal or black metal) and accordingly in what project should i release it: Beer Bear or Top’. As a result the variant with Moonsorrow-like guitar riffs seemed to me more attractive and that appointed the destiny of this composition. This song based on an ancient danish legend about an old mighty warrior sleeping leaning on his axe and shield deep under the granite rock under the Kronburg castle in the Helsinger town (ShakeSpear had called this place “Elsinor”Smilie: ;). He sleeps heavy until the time will come and his fatherland will be under attack. At that moment he will wake up and begin to shatter the enemies of his native land. The song is dedicated to my friends from “Sann Varing” historic club.

8. “Vedogon” (Twin Soul) – in the mythology of southern Slavs Vedogon is doppelganger spirit – the soul living the body during the slumber. The music of this composition was written by me and the lyrics was written by Eugenia Sizova wha also recorded the vocal track in this song. The song is also remarkable because of hurdy-gurdy recorded by Natalia Homutowski

9. “Na Zielonej Ukrainie” – it is a Polish (according to some facts – Ukrainian) folk song about a love of a registered Kozak and Ukrainian girl at the age of civil and religious wars of Rzech Pospolita. In our version of this remarkable song we had used a whole series of instruments: balalaika (recorded by Ivan Andrianov (Kalevala)), flute, accordion and of course our “visiting card” – a combination of violin and viola

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