KAWIR new album “Isotheos” out on September!

KAWIR - Isotheos

Legendary Hellenic pagan black metal band Kawir returns with its 5th full length album “Isotheos” (Ισόθεος = Godlike). The band signed with Deathrune Records and their new work will be released on September 2012. Their new line-up is Therthonax – Guitars / Kanonaki, Phaesphoros – Guitars / Vocals / Wind instruments and Ormenos – Drums and Percussion. Once again their lyrics are in ancient Hellenic language, most of them extracts from Orphic hymns, adjusted by Therthonax. There is also a song “Isotheos” in English! Following the steps of their previous albums, for sure this new one will not disappoint any of their longtime fans. Be prepared for a masterpiece!

1. Δαίμονος – Daemon
2. Ύμνος στους Ανέμους – Hymn to Winds
3. Εις Δήμητρα – To Demeter
4. Ύμνος στον Απόλλωνα – Hymn to Apollo
5. Χαίρε Βάκχε – Hail Bacchus
6. Άδης (Εις Άρχων Νεκύων) – Hades
7. Ισόθεος – Godlike
8. Πανσπερμία – Panspermia

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