METHYSOS – Beyond Myths and Legends (Demo)

METHYSOS - Beyond Myths and Legends

Origin: Cyprus
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Cyprus is a country with a small number of metal bands in general and as far as I know without any tradition in folk metal at all. Luckily I recently fell upon Methys0s, the first Cypriot folk metal band ever! They were formed in 2011 in Limassol, by GeorgeSatyros and DemHad. Quick enough they summoned a full line-up and they just self released their first demo.

Beyond Myths and Legends” contains 3 small songs and lasts for only 10:46 totally! The band plays folk metal with a fairytale trollish atmosphere. They use many traditional instruments, like lute, Jew harp, tambourine, violin and flute. The mood in their songs is somehow closer to Celtic folk music, than to traditional Cypriot or Greek. There are though a few “eastern” touches, especially in the first song “The Keeper of Cosmos“. Their guitar riffs and lead melodies are moving on folk / traditional tunes and scales, while their vocals are a combination of black metal screams and clean male and female vocals. All 3 songs have very interesting and uplifting melodies that you listen with a smile on your face. But while in terms of songwriting everything is great, I can’t say the say about the sound quality and technical skills of the band. The production is really poor and the band needs something much better if they finally decide to see it more seriously and release a full length album and especially with a label. I also see some problems in the vocals, but I ignore them, since it’s only a demo of a new young band…

Overall Methys0s made a very positive impression to me and I really hope to listen to more stuff from them in the future. Despite the “amateur” sound quality, I believe they have they own identity and that there is space for them in this overcrowded genre. I would suggest them though to explore more their local traditional music. Of course this is only my personal wish Smilie: ;). Anyway, “Beyond Myths and Legends” is a very enjoyable mini EP that is better served with drinks… You can visit their official pages below to get a taste of their music and contact the band.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Methys0s @ Facebook
Methys0s @ Myspace


3 Responses to METHYSOS – Beyond Myths and Legends (Demo)

  1. Seen these folks live few days ago. They are MONSTERS onstage. Real party animals and good musicians, giving Folk Metal exaclty what it deserves.

    I have high hopes of these guys and cant wait for them hitting the studio! \m/

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