ALDA – :Tahoma:

ALDA - Tahoma

Origin: USA
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Folk Black Metal
Label: Pest Productions
Year: 2012

Alda is a very interesting band coming from Washington, USA. They were actually formed around 2003 by a group of friends sharing many common interests and ideologies, including their love for black metal and folk music, but they officially took their name in 2007. In 2009 they self-released a 3-track demo, whose songs were included in their debut full-length album “Alda” released on tape the same year by Singularity Publishing. It was limited to 50 hand numbered copies and in 2010 the same label re-released in on CD-r, limited once again to 50 hand numbered copies! In 2011 their second album “:Tahoma:” was released on tape and vinyl by Eternal Warfare and finally in June 2012 Pest Productions re-released it on CD with different cover artwork.

I haven’t listened to their first album yet, but I will, since it will be re-released soon on CD by Misanthropic Art Productions. What Alda offer in “:Tahoma:” is nature-inspired black metal with many acoustic folk / neofolk parts. Their sound is closer to the underground black metal, but with a good production. There are 5 long songs and the album is over 50 minutes. Even if they use many acoustic instruments (cello, bodhran and accordion), they keep them somehow in the background and it’s the guitars that dominate their sound, from totally acoustic to raw distorted ones. There are some post and doom metal elements in their music, as well as a “native” folk atmosphere throughout the whole album! Alda have absorbed all these elements in a very balanced sound and they don’t move from one genre to the other. They sing both with black metal screams and clean male vocals in a very melancholic sad mood. Except for the many acoustic folk parts in the songs, there is also a totally acoustic song, the enchanting “Shadow of the Mountain“. Their lyrics are poetic and very well written, reflecting their love for nature and their personal search.

Alda is a fine example of another underground black metal band with essence and honesty in its music. Totally recommended to fans of atmospheric folk black metal, especially those who love the so-called “Cascadian” black metal scene.”:Tahoma:” is released by the Chinese label Pest Productions in a wonderful digi-sleeve with all the lyrics and this amazing cover artwork. Follow the links below for music samples and information on how to get this album.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Alda @ Facebook
Alda @ Pest Productions


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