VEDA announce details of their debut album

VEDA - Tainuyh Dorog Pozabuty Sledy

Veda (Веда) is a new Russian pagan folk metal band from Rybinsk, formed by is Arteom, who is also guitarist of the other band from Rybinsk, Smuta. They follow the best traditions of pagan metal and true heritage of Slavic culture. Their melodies are born in the depths of primeval forests, taken from the singing of wild winds and the secret tales told by steppe fog. All this is carefully woven together, dressed in heavy guitar riffs and uncompromising drums, entwined with intricate keyboard tunes, alternating with dance-play of flute, and decorated with soft female vocals and thunderous screaming roars. Expect for Slavonic pagan folk metal as it’s best! Veda will release their debut album “Тайных дорог позабыты следы” on 15th of September 2012 via SoundAge Productions.

1. Тайных дорог позабыты следы
2. Древо предков              
3. Тризна
4. Стихия
5. Скиталица
6. Горизонты истины
7. Туман
8. Память
9. Коляда



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