MINAS MORGUL new album details unveiled


Four full length albums and numerous live concerts have established Minas Morgul’s name in the German and international metal scene. Stylistically they offer versatile melodic black / death metal full of traditional and modern influences. To celebrate their 15th anniversary Minas Morgul present their 5th full-length album “Ära“. With 13 tracks and over 70 minutes playing, this is their most mature and varied album. ”Ära” will be released on 14th of September 2012 via Black Skull Records, a division of Trollzorn / SMP Records.

01. Einklang
02. Winterherz
03. Leben     
04. Stimme In Mir
05. Im Krieg
06. Ego
07. Halbzeit
08. Aus Alten Wunden
09. Kardia
10. Wir
11. Religion
12. Kalt
13. Ära

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