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WINTERFYLLETH - The Threnody of Triumph

In early 2012, British underground black metallers Winterfylleth re-released their debut album “The Ghost of Heritage” on Candlelight, bringing all their releases under one banner. The album was re-mastered by Colin Marston (Thousand Caves) and featured two unreleased versions of songs from the original 2008 session. In April 2012 Winterfylleth returned to Foel Studios to record their third album “The Threnody of Triumph”. The new album marks a new phase in the progression of the band’s sound; concentrating this time on epic flowing melody and contrasts between dark moods and soaring melody, without losing any of the trademark Winterfylleth sound. “The Threnody of Triumph” will be released on CD by Candlelight Records on September 10th and on double vinyl by Back on Black on September 24th, 2012.

1. A Thousand Winters
2. The Swart Raven          
3. Aefterield Freon
4. A Memorial
5. The Glorious Plain
6. A Soul Unbound
7. Void of Light
8. The Fate of Souls After Death
9. Home is Behind
10. The Threnody of Triumph

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