FROSTSEELE - Praekosmium

Origin: Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Razed Soul Productions Self Mutilation Services
Year: 2012

FrostSeele is new one-man band from South Germany. Its sole member has also the name FrostSeele and he started the band in 2009. Without any demos, promos or EPs, he released his debut in 2012, the full-length album “PrækΩsmium“. Music, lyrics, instruments and vocals are all by FrostSeele, but in this album he had also some help from a few guest musicians: Jonas, Thilo, Antje and Danny.

PrækΩsmium” isn’t a typical album. There are only 5 songs, but their total playtime is almost 45 minutes, since two of them are about 15 minutes each. The other three songs are practically instrumental, except for a few whispers… FrostSeele belong in the atmospheric black metal genre, or better in the atmospheric experimental metal, since their black / extreme elements are limited to some parts of the 2 “main” songs. Their music moves in mid tempo rhythms, with some slower parts and a few faster outbursts. The album begins with “Die Architektur des Seins” their longest composition. The acoustic guitars of the beginning give their place to melodic atmospheric riffing and brutal vocals. This song manages to sound melodic, even if it is mostly based on its rhythmic guitars (no lead melodies). Many experimental and acoustic passages keep it interesting till its end, with the nice acoustic guitars and violin parts! The second song “Diagnose” is instrumental, with a few whispering recitations. Its guitars are more melodic now and the addition of piano and acoustic guitars replace the lack of vocals! Then comes “Du“, the second longest song, lasting over 13 minutes. It has a melancholic / depressive black metal mood, something reflected also on its weeping screaming vocals. Once again passages with calm acoustic guitars help the song sound more atmospheric and its extreme parts become more intense! The fourth song is “Tabula Rasa” a 7 minutes instrumental song with nice melodies and a wonderful dialogue between violins and guitars, both electric and acoustic. Especially its end is enchanting. The closing song “LD 100” is a typical outro with 2 mins of atmospheric synths.

I believe “PrækΩsmium” is a surprisingly good debut, coming totally out of nowhere! FrostSeele seem very promising and the only think I’d like to see them improve is the production that sometimes “drowns” their melodies, especially when their orchestrations become richer. Of course it’s only their first album, so the overall result is more than satisfying. I hope they continue this way in a very difficult genre to make something new and different. The album is released by Self Mutilation Services and Razed Soul Productions in standard jewel case with an 8-page folded booklet. In their official pages you can find more details and listen to the whole album.


Rating:  (8/10)

FrostSeele @ Facebook
FrostSeele @ Myspace
FrostSeele @ Bandcamp


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