RADOGOST – Dark Side of the Forest

RADOGOST - Dark Side of the Forest

Origin: Poland
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Folk metal band Radogost is back with its third full-length album. This Polish group was formed in 2006 and the same year released their debut full-length “Dwa Hektary Zywego Lasu – Two Hectares of a Living Forest“. After many line-up changes their second album “W Cieniu Wielkiego Dębu – In the Great Oak Tree Shadow” was out in 2008. Next year more line-up changes and differences between the members caused a temporary pause for the band. They became active again and after new line-up changes (!!) they decided to create their new full-length album “Dark Side of the Forest“, released on 17th of August 2012.

In their previous album, Radogost had many black / death metal elements, especially in the vocals and a pagan atmosphere in their music. Now, all these extreme elements are gone and the band has a quite different approach , much more heavy metal oriented. It’s obvious that the numerous line-up changes and the time “gap” between these works have affected the band’s sound. Personally I prefer their previous music genre, but I admit they are better in their current style. Their music is based on the combination of heavy metal riffs with violin parts. Unlike most bands of the genre, they don’t use synths or other folk / classical instruments, just violins. The album contains 11 songs and lasts for almost one hour. There is variety in the compositions, with some slower acoustic parts, but the majority of the album moves in typical heavy metal rhythms. Velesar’s vocals are very good ranging from folk to epic metal and even if his singing has a harsh tone, there are no more “brutal” vocals, with a few exceptions… The majority of the lyrics are in English, except for the Polish version of the song “Radogost“.

This third album is for sure Radogost’s most solid and professional work that most folk metal fans will enjoy. This is a typical album, with many cliches of the genre, but with many interesting compositions and great sound. Don’t expect to find any experiments, or innovations here; only well played folk heavy metal, of a band who tries to leave its personal mark on the scene. Like all their previous works ”Dark Side of the Forest” is a self released album, but it comes in a great digipak, with an 8-page booklet and really nice artwork. Follow the links below to find more info about the band and ways to purchase their CD.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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