KNAAT announce release date of their debut

KNAAT - Die Lichtung

Knaat is a new band from Munich, started in 2009 as a small project inspired by several big pagan metal bands such as Ensiferum, Equilibrium and Korpiklaani. Since then, the six young heathens conquered stages in and around Munich convincing more and more people with their music. Instead of thinking about changing anything in their style, Knaat prefer to deliver finest outstanding harsh & melodic pagan metal! The six-headed Bavarian wood-horde will enter the hearts of all pagan metal lovers by storm! Their promising debut album “Die Lichtung” will be unleashed at October 13th, 2012 self-released by the band! It will come in an edition of 1000 copies including a stylish 16-page booklet with texts and photos of the band.

1. Intro (1:43)
2. Die Lichtung (4:24)
3. Unter Heiligen Hufen (3:27)          
4. Kriegsschrei (3:56)
5. Schenkentanz Intro (0:46)
6. Schenkentanz (3:00)
7. Sturm auf Windhelm (4:10)
8. Leidensweg (5:07)
9. Spielmann (2:25)
10. Nordmannen (5:11)

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Knaat @ Myspace


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