DARKESTRAH unveil new album cover artwork, tracklist and release date


Epic shamanic black metallers from Kyrgyzstan (now in Germany) Darkestrah announce their fifth full-length album “Manas”, which will be released in late 2012/ early 2013 by Osmose Productions. Without a doubt “Manas” marks new milestone for Darkestrah. The album is based on “Manas Destanı” a Kyrgyzian epic poem, one of the longest epics in the world, and tells the ancient story of Manas, a young warrior who gathers the remnants of Kyrgyzian people, defeated and exiled from their native lands by its enemies, into one strong tribe. Manas, a paragon nomadic warlord, and his host break the yoke of enemy hordes and lead their people to strength and freedom. As dark clouds before the storm the enemies are gathering at Ala-Too and the tale of Manas begins….

1. Манас-мститель – Manas the Avenger
2. Память (Старик) – Memory (The Old Man)      
3. Победа – Victory
4. Кыргызстан – Kyrgyzstan
5. Манас-батыр – Manas-batyr

Asbath – drums, percussion
Kriegtalith – vocals
Resurgemus – guitars, keyboards

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