Origin: Romania
Genre: Epic Metal Folk Pagan Metal
Label: Self Released Tara de Sus
Year: 2010

Bucovina is a very interesting band from Iasi, north-eastern Romania. They were formed in 2000 and took them 6 years to release their debut album “Ceasul Aducerii-aminte” via Lupii Daciei Records. Their music back then was a mixture of black metal with traditional Romanian folk elements. The album had a great atmospheric and the band seemed to have something different to offer, but the result was somehow raw and unbalanced in my opinion.

Duh” is the second work that the band self-released in 2010. So it is not a new release, but I only recently got it in my hands and I think it deserves to be reviewed! It is actually an EP and it contains 5 songs lasting for almost 24 minutes. This album is very different from their debut, while there are also major differences between each song! The first song “Vuiet de Negru Izvor” is a short epic pagan metal instrumental composition with majestic melodic guitars and synths. The next one “Duh” moves at the same bombastic melodic style, but with the addition of excellent clean male vocals, which balance somewhere between epic and folk. The third track “Straja” is a bit slower with a more melancholic mood and somehow deeper vocals, clean again. The fourth song is the most aggressive of the album and my favorite. “Mestecăniş” is a very epic composition with wonderful melodic guitars and majestic synths, while the band uses brutal vocals for the first (and last) time in the album. The closing track “Bucovina, Inima Mea” is the acoustic version of a song from the debut album and in my opinion doesn’t add anything important to this work…

Bucovina used no traditional instruments this time and they focused more on the epic side of their songs. Guitars and synths created a wonderful melodic majestic background for their songs, while all folk / traditional elements were contained in the amazing vocals. The production and sound quality are brilliant and the band was improved much more than what I expected. Of course they play something totally different now. All of their lyrics are in Romanian, dealing mostly with nature-inspired themes and you can find their translations in the 8-page booklet. Since it is a self released album the best way to get “Duh” is to visit their official pages and contact the band.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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