DIADEMA TRISTIS reveal cover artwork and tracklist of upcoming album

DIADEMA TRISTIS - Alone with Nature

Diadema Tristis, the folk project from Argentina started by Medina brothers, has recorded its second full-length album called “Alone with Nature“, seven years after the wonderful debut “Ways of Relief“.  Like in the first album, Alejandro and Fernando Medina gathered musicians from many musical genres, in order to achieve another brilliant piece of unique folk acoustic music with a few metal elements. ”Alone with Nature” will be released within next months once again by Furias Records / Orion Entertainment.

1. Illmoth-Lamath
2. Lasbelin Edlenn
3. Dangweth
4. Leilthia Haru                 
5. Held Evendim
6. Atlariel
7. Methedras Sul
8. Chained Moments
9. Nauth-En-Firien
10. Taeg Vanwa
11. Tuilére

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