GRIM MARS announce debut album release date and other info

GRIM MARS - Defiled Earthen Architectures

Grim Mars began in the cold depths of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on the terrestrial plane of Gaia, 3rd dimension, in the 2nd Galactic quadrant of the Milky Way Galaxy. The project was conceived with an idea to mix death metal, black metal, and classical/orchestral music with the ideologies and concepts of Extraterrestrials, Ancient History, Secret Societies and life we experience in the 3rd dimensional reality. The idea is to bring philosophy and ancient knowledge to the foundation of modern metal music in light of the New Age process we are experiencing. The band was founded in 2007 by Greg Mars (also bass in Wolven Ancestry) as a solo project under the title Grim in 2007 and released the album “Viril Mephisto – Demons in the Flesh” in 2008. Later he changed their name to Grim Mars and their first album “Defiled Earthen Architectures” is scheduled for release on December 21, 2012 through Archaic North Entertainment. Their line-up now consists of Mars (composer, guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals) and Vesper (drums).

1. Serpents Behind the Throne
2. Not of this World                                                 
3. Keepers of Sacred Knowledge
4. Eye of the Apocalypse
5. Cydonia Labyrinthus
6. Ancient Seclorum Disorder
7. Deimos Phobos
8. Cosmic Upheaval of Tiamat / Havoc of Nibiru
9. Misanthropocosm
10. …And the Sun was no More

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