NÚMENOR – Opus Draconis (EP)

NUMENOR - Opus Draconis

Origin: Serbia
Genre: Epic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Tanelorn Records
Year: 2011

Númenor is an epic symphonic black metal band from Serbia, formed by Despot Marko Miranović. Actually the project began in 2004, under the name Franconian Frost that soon changed into Esgaroth. After 5 years they finalized their musical and conceptual direction and in 2009 they were reborn as Númenor, releasing a split tape with Forlorn Wisp. In 2011 they published their first official miniCD “Opus Draconis” and the tape EP “The Forgotten Legends” including only 2 songs, both covers from Summoning.

Opus Draconis” cannot be seen as a new work, since it contains songs from various periods of Númenor’s existence. The first song “Monarchy Divine” was recorded in 2006, taken from Esgaroth’s promo EP. The other two, “Once we Were Kings” and “Aeons of Magick” were recorded in 2009 and the last one “The Legend of the Master-Ring” is a Summoning cover, included also in the tape EP. So this is most like a collection EP and that’s why the songs have some differences in the sound. They have an underground approach in their production, but they seem quite technical and I am sure their next efforts will be much better produced. Of course synths have a basic role in their melodic music, but at the same time they are somehow in the background, leaving a lot of space to the guitars! There are some parts though where keys take the lead, making their music sound almost orchestral, with a classical / epic soundtrack approach! Marko’s vocals are most of the time brutal black death metal growls, but he doesn’t hesitate to sing with clean vocals too and I believe the band could work more on this. There are also some experimental almost avantgarde parts, or even some death / thrash metal touches here and there, but the overall atmosphere is epic symphonic extreme metal. They have composed very interesting songs with the proper balance between melody and aggression. I’d only like to see in the future an improved production and a “sorting” of their influences in a more solid result. Their lyrics are based mostly on J.J.R Tolkien and other fantasy literature.

This EP actually serves as an appetizer for Númenor’s upcoming debut full-length album “Colossal Darkness” that will be out hopefully by the end of 2012. ”Opus Draconis” is released by Tanelorn Records as a CD-R in standard jewel case and the front cover artwork is illustrated by Raven Dark. Recommended to Summoning fans and those who are into epic symphonic Tolkien-inspired extreme metal. In their official pages you can listen to their music, including many songs from the upcoming album.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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