PSYCHOMANTUM unveil new “special” album details


Psychomantum is a melodic black metal project from Heidelberg, Germany and was founded in 1993 by Sargath. As a big fan of special black metal music with dominant keyboard arrangements, his own ambitions went into this direction too. “Ein Requiem” originated in the period between winter, 2011 and spring, 2012 from quite personal motives. Certain circumstances have led to the fact that Sargath intensely dealt with the subject of dying & death. With this unusual work for Psychomantum, Sargath would like to say goodbye to all people close to him who passed away. This work is based on the structure of a traditional requiem, its content and text are also lent by the original requiem and the lyrics are recited in Latin and German. It will be released in digipak edition, strictly limited and hand-numbered to 100 pieces on the 25th of November 2012 (Sunday of the dead / celebration of the deceased).

1. Introitus
2. Kyrie in drei Teilen (Kyrie in three parts)                           
3. Übergang I – dem Weißen Licht Entgegen (Transition I – Against the White Light)
4. Sequenz in Vier Teilen – Dies Irae (Sequence in Four Parts – Dies Irae)
5. Übergang II – Einst Noch von Dauer (Transition I – Once still from Duration)
6. Offertorium
7. Übergang III – Abschied III (Geweih Cover) (Transition III – Farewell III)
8. Zum Letzten Geleit (to the Last Escort)

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