NIBURTA – Scream from the East

NIBURTA - Scream from the East

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Folk Death Metal
Label: Nail Records
Year: 2012

There are times when I find it very difficult to review and rate a band. There are times though, where I don’t need more than a spin of the CD, or in Niburta’s case, more than a preview song from youtube in order to decide. Niburta come from Hungary and they just released a masterpiece, one of the best folk metal albums of this year. This nine-piece band was formed in 2009 under the name Tardos and after a while changed it into Niburta (the two-faced deity of Scythian religion, both god of war and god of agriculture). In 2010 they released the demo “Eredet” and in 2011 the EP “Awakening“, growing rapidly in popularity and having many gigs in Hungary and abroad. In October 2012 they finally released their debut full-length album “Scream from the East” via Nail Records / Hammer World.

Niburta play a fusion of death metal with a few metalcore elements and folk metal, deeply influenced by Balkan music and they couldn’t find better title for their album than “Scream from the East“. Powerful ultra-heavy guitars with an amazing production are combined with bagpipes, violin, flutes, kobza, mouth harp, kaval. Wonderful rhythmic sections following traditional mystical patterns and excellent vocals ranging from death metal growls, to clean male and female vocals. Their singer Martina Veronika Horváth has one of the best vocals when it comes to folk metal, especially when she sings in Hungarian traditional style. They combine English and Hungarian lyrics and it works with the whole concept of mixing modern and traditional sounds. Maybe there are countless bands in this genre nowadays, but few of them get even close to the quality and feeling of Niburta’s music. It’s simple: either you have it, or not! Their compositions are brilliant, they manage to keep both the brutality of extreme metal and the primordial truth of traditional music, waking, or better creating (!), wonderful memories to the listener (memories that shouldn’t exist). I am listening to this album always with a smile of satisfaction on my face and an inner impulse to let myself “explode”! There are 10 songs in the album lasting for 44 minutes, including a cover to Daemonia Nymphe’s “Dance of Satyrs“, or better a cover to its lead melody. They have some acoustic atmospheric passages in their compositions, but most of the time their music is up-tempo and very uplifting.

It is obvious I enjoyed “Scream from the East” very much! Niburta is a new rising force of the genre and together with Dalriada they strengthen Hungarian folk metal scene. I hope they will continue this way in the future, since there is nothing they should improve in my opinion! Fans of folk metal make yourselves a big favor and check this band! ”Scream from the East” is released in a standard jewel case edition with 12-page booklet by Nail Records and it will be officially distributed by Einheit Produktionen on November 23 2012. They have also released this excellent video for the song “Awakening“.


Rating:  (10/10)

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