Metal Soundscapes begins as my personal webpage, a place dedicated to the music I adore all these years. The thought of making a site has grown in my mind a long time ago, but it never took flesh. Although I contributed to other zines before, the idea of creating my own page has always stayed alive.

The site is mainly dedicated to folk black metal, as well as to other black metal sub-genres (pagan, epic, symphonic, ambient, progressive, avant-garde, etc); mainstream or underground, it doesn’t matter, as long as the music is good! I always like to discover new bands from every corner of the world, especially the ones who mix their traditional music with metal. The main purpose of this site is to present, review and interview bands that I like and I believe they deserve your attention. So if you see a review here, it most probably will be a positive one. I don’t see the point in wasting my time to promote releases I dislike. Anyway, since it’s only a personal page, I will also write about any other single release that intrigues me, but doesn’t necessarily belong in the above-mentioned genres.


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  1. Good work, bro! Checking your site rather often, a lot of interesting information. Good luck, hails to Greece from Russian web-zine of similar concept.

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