IZMOROZ – Зигомёд

IZMOROZ - Zigomed

Origin: Russia
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal
Label: Grailight Productions
Year: 2012

Изморозь is a very bizarre folk metal band from Russia. They were formed in 2006 as a side project of Ashen Light and most of their members are, or were on Ashen Light, while all of them participate on several other bands too. So I don’t know if Изморозь is their main project or not, but the band is over-productive and they have already released 6 full-length albums plus an EP/live/best of album! Their last work is “Зигомёд” and it was out on 2012 via Grailight Productions.

The band began with an epic folk viking black metal approach, but soon they changed it into a more humorous mood. Their previous album “Отморозь” was one of the most enjoyable albums I’ve ever listened to! It was stuck into my CD-player for a long time and I was eager to listen to the band’s new work. “Зигомёд” moves exactly in the same style with its predecessor, without any surprises or new elements. Their music is based on the band’s unique ability to compose very very catchy melodies! It is true that some of them are repeated from previous albums, some are covers of other existing songs, but the band presents them all in its own personal style. They move from melodic metal, to epic viking metal, pagan black metal and acoustic folk and they are equally good in every style. According to the needs of each song they sing with black metal screams, clean male and female vocals and choirs. There are a lot of synths in their music and all folk instruments must be keyboard samples too, or at least they give this impression. The production helps the band to emphasize on its melodic nature and even if it’s somehow “flat” I think it fits perfectly to their music. Their songs vary in speed, but the average rhythm of their compositions is quite fast! All lyrics are in Russian, so if you understand the language this album must be much more enjoyable, judging from the hilarious cover artwork, where Vikings, clerics, kings, women and UFO are all blended together!

Изморозь is a band that I like very much and enjoy to listen to, especially since its previous album, which I find the best of the band. Their humorous approach though may prevent some people from giving them a more careful attention. Anyway “Зигомёд” is a pleasant album and it contains 9 songs with a total duration of 34 minutes. It is released by Grailight Productions in jewel case edition with a 16-page booklet. You can check their music on the following links.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Izmoroz official page
Izmoroz @ MySpace
Izmoroz @ Facebook
Izmoroz @ VK


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