Fortis Natura is a Czech epic metal band that was formed back in 2006 by Petra Krejcarova and Forkwin. Petra, also known as Carpathian Goddess, writes music and lyrics, plays guitars and sings, while Forkwin is in the bass. The band never had luck with its drummers and has gone under numerous changes. Let’s hope their new drummer Zdeněk will stay. The band has only released the demo EP “Duality” in 2009, but is already searching for the next big step. Let’s see what their front-woman Petra, has to say about her band.

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- Ahoj Petra. It’s very nice having this interview with you, since I know your band a long time now. Fortis Natura is a relatively unknown band to the masses, so would you like to introduce it to our readers? Is there finally a complete line-up?                    

Hi Dimitris, thank you. Fortis Νatura was formed in 2006. We had 3 drummers up to this day. Actual line up is: Martin – bass, Zdenek – drums, and me, Petra Krejcarova – vocals, guitars.

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- How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard of you?

Raw black metal toned guitars, clear female vocals, big heart and a piece of nature… it is metal coming from the heart of a woman.

- Before Fortis Natura, I know you were also in other bands. Would you like to tell us a few words about your first steps? When did you start playing music?

When I was 7 years old girl I played guitar for the first time. The first time I played on a real band I was 14 years old. Before Fortis Natura I was in 11 different bands, where I either sang or played guitars, or both.

- What made you begin a new band? What do you remember from those first days of Fortis Natura and how is the cooperation with Forkwin all these years?

Expression. It was all I needed. I always wanted my own band. I want to play own music, share my feelings, ideas, thoughts… The cooperation with Forkwin all these years has been very good.

- What does the name of the band mean, and why did you choose it?

Fortis Natura is from Latin language. I can understand it as strong nature or brave temperament… Both are very natural, of course, like my relation, respect and love for nature.

- In 2009 you released your one and only album so far, the 3 song miniCD “Duality”. Give us a little feedback on this album.

Yes, there are 3 songs: “Ethereal“, “Change the Future” and “Fortification“. Our studio experience was good.

Fortis Natura - Duality

- Can you tell us about the composition of your music? What inspires you to write? Do other band members contribute too? Is there any message you want to spread through your music and lyrics?

Life itself inspired me, my experiences. Also I like Greek and Roman myths, gods-goddesses, nature… yes, there is reference.

- This year you also released a video clip for the song “Ethereal” from your EP. Tell us a few things about this experience? Do you think this video helped the band to spread its music? It’s a little unusual to release a video so early.

Experiences with this videoclip during recording was awesome. We shot at 4 various places. At the castle, by the river and in 2 different forests. I don´t know whether it is so early. When i feel something, I just do it!

- Except for music composer, guitarist and singer, you are also a model for many years now. Would you like to give us some information of your other “love”?

Yes, I love being a model. And for me – I think that it can’t work one without the other. Neither music without modeling nor modeling without music. I express myself in both ways.

Petra 2

- Do you “follow” your country’s metal scene? Are there any new bands you like?

Yes, I do, but I like rather older bands.

- What are you main music influences?

It would be Bathory the most…

- Fortis Natura is also a live band. How is your band on stage? What should your fans expect from a Fortis Natura live? Are there any gigs planned?

We did a few gigs in the past and it was fine. Now we wait for the next ones. What do our fans expect? They have started asking about stage show!

- What would be the ideal line-up for a live show including Fortis Natura as support? Realistic or not Smilie: :)

I don´t dare say it.

- There are already 3 years after your miniCD. Are there new songs recorded? What are your next plans? How difficult is for a new band to get support and funds for a decent studio recording and album promotion?

We are going to record a new song very soon. We have more songs, but meanwhile we will record only this one. We will be recording in the same studio again.

Fortis Natura 3

- Is there any chance to see black metal vocals from the band in the future, or any other significant musical changes? Do you feel you have found your sound, or is there room for experiments?

I don’t know. It is such as I feel it for now. In order to make some changes, I must feel it first, until then not.

- What was the best and what the worst moments for you in the band all these years? Have you ever thought of quitting? What gives you strength and keeps you going on?

It’s hard to say. We take it as things come, all good even all bad. We want to continue in our efforts anyway.

- If everything goes well and as planned, how do you see the future of the band. Is there any secret desire or a greater goal you’d like to achieve one day?

It is the only question I don’t want to answer, because when a someone makes plans, they don’t come true!

- Thank you very much for your time. Wish you all the best with you band and with your life! Last words are yours.

Thanks Dimitris. I wish you all the best too, also all the best to your readers.

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