AEVLORD – The Nomad’s Path

AEVLORD - The Nomad's Path

Origin: France
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

AevLord is a symphonic black metal band from Paris, founded back in 2003 by Julien, as a personal project. The band played almost orchestral keyboard-based metal with screaming vocals. In 2004 its first demo “Welcome to My Kingdom” was out (only 100 copies) with the help of Emilie in the female vocals. Next years the band got a full line-up and finally released its debut album “History of a New Mankind” in 2007 via Très-Gore Records, limited in 500 copies. After numerous line-up changes and the decision to stop using female vocals, Aevlord self-released their second full-length album “The Nomad’s Path” in October 31, 2012.

Those of you who have listened to their previous works, will be surprised by the band’s evolution! The first two works were totally based on the synths and keyboard samples, while the guitars were somewhere in the background. The vocals where either female, or black metal “screaming whispers”. Of course the band had always very nice melodies, but their production and sound were both “homemade” and very amateur. ”The Nomad’s Path” reminds almost nothing from their first 2 albums, except this personal AevLord atmosphere. There are 10 songs in this album and 47 minutes of melodic symphonic black metal. Their music remains synth loaded, but this time guitars have a substance! They sound much more powerful and melodic and there are many parts when they have the leading role in the songs. Their synths have a symphonic orchestral role, but the band also uses grand piano and other instruments that add a lot to their atmosphere. Julien’s vocals are almost unrecognizable! He sings with excellent black metal screams and expressive avant-garde style clean vocals. All 10 compositions are very melodic with many wonderful ideas. Their songs are much more solid than before, while all their lyrics are in English. Maybe the band has improved its sound very much, but this genre demands an even better production and I hope they will improve even more in the future.

This is for sure the first professional work of the band and I prefer to see it as their actual debut ! Fans of melodic symphonic black metal better check Aevlord. Their wonderful melodic music won’t disappoint you. “The Nomad’s Path” is released directly by the band in a jewel case edition with a 4-page booklet, illustrated by AVE-JC. It is printed in 500 copies and the best way to purchase it is to contact the band visiting their official pages below, where you can also listen to their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

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