DRUNAR – Testimony

DRUNAR - Testimony

Origin: Belgium
Genre: Epic Black Metal Viking Metal
Label: Eburone Records
Year: 2012

A new epic Viking metal band rises from Belgium. Drunar were born in the beginning of 2010 by Jeroen as his personal project. Deeply influenced by Falkenbach (mostly) and Thyrfing he composed the music for his first album. It was after the completion of the songs, when the 3 other members joined the band and Guy wrote the lyrics. In the summer of 2012 the debut EP “Testimony” was finally released via the Belgian independent label Eburone Records.

Testimony“  contains one intro and 5 songs with a total duration of a little over 21 minutes. Their music is epic metal, with a somehow blackened approach. Their compositions are based on the cooperation of rhythmic guitars, melodic leads and the clever use of keyboards that either add an epic layer to the background, or a folk touch in their songs. Drunar’s vocals are mainly black metal screams, with some nice epic clean male vocals and a few choirs. The band balances between underground epic black metal and melodic, almost instrumental, Viking metal. All their songs have very interesting and catchy melodies and the only thing that needs improvement for sure is their production. Their sound isn’t too powerful, nor too clear, but at least it doesn’t alter the melodies of the songs. Anyway I enjoyed the CD very much and I wished for more; I hope the band offers something more complete in the future. All of their lyrics are in English with the typical Viking thematology and you can read them in the CD booklet.

Fans of epic Viking metal must check Drunar for sure. It’s not something you listen for the first time and their references to Falkenbach are more than obvious, but I don’t see anything bad in this, since their music is great. “Testimony” is released by Eburone Records in a miniCD jewel case edition with 4-page booklet. The best way to listen to their music is their official Facebook profile, where you can also buy the CD.


Rating:  (8/10)

Drunar @ Facebook


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