KLAMM – Wahnsee

KLAMM - Wahnsee

Origin: Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Klamm is a new German atmospheric black metal band, formed in 2005 by Simon and the first years was his solo project. He composed and recorded the band’s first demo “Frostfluss” that was released in 2008. Klamm finally got a complete line-up and on May 2012 they released their debut full-length album “Wahnsee” independently, without a label.

Wahnsee” is a very long album, containing 12 songs and 79 minutes of music. Their approach to black metal is quite unusual and their music very bizarre in my ears. There is a dark hypnotizing atmosphere throughout the whole album, that most of the time moves in a slow / mid suffocating tempo. Luckily there are some acoustic parts and some faster extreme outbursts, so you can actually “breath”! They only use distorted and acoustic guitars, bass, drums and vocals; no synths or any other instruments. Their vocals move from black metal growls to deep clean male vocals and screaming whispers, fitting perfectly with their music. Klamm have definitely a sound of their own and their compositions are based on their weird, almost disharmonic non-melodic (at least in a conventional way) riffs and vocals. Of course there are also some more melodic moments, but it’s not what characterizes them the most. My personal favorite is the 17:34 minutes long epic saga “Zwielicht“, their most melodic composition. All lyrics are in their native language reflecting personal experiences and thoughts and you can find them in the detailed booklet.

I must warn you, Klamm’s music isn’t very easy to “digest”. Even though I didn’t get completely in the album’s atmosphere, I have to admit that they are offering something different, with a very strong personality. If you like slow dark atmospheric, but non-melodic black metal, you better check them without second thoughts. “Wahnsee” is self-released in standard jewel-case edition, with a 20-page booklet and the beautiful artwork of Robert Zimmermann. If you want to get a first taste of their music, or if you are interested in buying this album, the best way is to visit their official pages below.


Rating:  (8/10)

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