THE EARTH KING – Cycling Between Sun and Moon

THE EARTH KING - Cycling Between Sun and Moon

Origin: Belgium
Genre: Ambient Black Metal Experimental
Label: Kristallblut Records
Year: 2012

A very interesting and unusual album comes from this one man band from Belgium. The Earth King is the solo project of Piette, who is also behind the dark experimental industrial soundtrack band Dad Man’s Hill. Actually this album is a cooperation between his two bands and the complete name of the band for this release is Dead Man’s Hill vs. The Earth King. “Cycling Between Sun and Moon” is the first album under this name and it was released via Kristallblut records in the end of 2012.

The Earth King’s music is definitely based on keyboards and the band has a dark symphonic soundtrack-like approach its sound. Guitars are used in various ways, sometimes they just accompany the synths, other times they are more dominant. There are also some parts where the band adds strange flutes and other instruments, adding more bizarre layers in their already unusual sound! Piette uses Kargyraa vocals, a weird traditional throat singing style, something between black metal screams and very deep male vocals, which fits perfectly with the dark suffocating atmosphere of the songs. There are six long songs in “Cycling Between Sun and Moon“, including the 10 min instrumental “The End of Salve Mater“. All compositions move in a slow ritual ambient mood, blended with pagan, nature-related, cosmic melancholy…

The Earth King is a very different band with a distinct personal sound. If you are open to experimental music, you better give them a chance. This album isn’t offered for “easy-listening”, but its dark atmosphere might work for you. “Cycling Between Sun and Moon” is released in a 6 panel digipak edition limited to 500 copies, illustrated by Alex Wieser. It lasts for 51 minutes and you can visit their pages below to get a personal taste of their really unusual and hard to describe music.


Rating:  (8/10)

The Earth King @ Facebook
The Earth King @ Kristallblut Records


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