Origin: Norway
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Melodic Death Metal
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Year: 2012

After their impressive comeback with “Ceremony of Ascension” in 2009, Wallachia return with their third full-length album. This Norwegian band was formed in 1995 by Lars Stavdal as his personal project. In the early years Lars played almost everything and his music was underground symphonic black metal. Since the previous work though, the band took a mainstream turn and in 2012, with a complete recording line-up, they offer us their most professional work so far, entitled “Shunya“.

The improvement from their previous works is really impressive. Wallachia have now a crystal clear production and a wonderful sound, where everything seems perfectly balanced. Their music isn’t so easy to categorize, since they move between melodic black and death metal, with many changes in tempo and atmosphere. Powerful guitars and melodic symphonic synths have equal roles in their music, each of them taking the lead depending on the need of their compositions. Cello, violin and viola help them sound much more melancholic and the band knows to use them in the right doses. Each composition has its own identity; some are more aggressive, others more melodic and melancholic. There is also a slower ballad-like song “Ksatriya“, where the band reveals a different and very interesting side! Lars’ vocals are again excellent. His brutal black metal screams are more expressive and powerful than ever, while his clean vocals, especially in the slower songs, have a very melancholic color. All music and lyrics of this album is composed and written by Lars Stavdal between 2001 – 2011. “Shunya” means empty or void in Sanskrit language and number zero in Indian numerology. Their lyrics are in English dealing with dark personal experiences and emotions, speaking about loss, agony and the “nothingness” behind everything…

Shunya” is a very solid album, with wonderful production and 8 great compositions, lasting for almost 40 minutes. Fans of melodic black / death metal with many symphonic elements will most probably embrace Wallachia. The album is released by Debemur Morti Productions in standard jewel case edition with a beautiful 16-page booklet, illustrated once again by Laura Sava. The cover artwork is really amazing! You better visit their official profiles on Facebook and myspace to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Wallachia @ Facebook
Wallachia @ Myspace


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