ALNE – Alne

ALNE - Alne

Origin: Poland
Genre: Experimental Folk Metal
Label: Archaic Sound
Year: 2012

I was thinking about reviewing this album a few months now, but always hesitated to do so, since I didn’t know how to describe it, or what exactly I like in it! As you can guess we have to do with a special band, who’s sound is very personal, far from any cliches. Alne come from Poland and they consist of 4 members: their charismatic female singer Kasia and 3 members from the black metal band Non Opus Dei (Klimor and Gonzo are permanent members and Szymon Chech worked in mixing, mastering, etc). Unluckily Szymon passed away a few months ago (R.I.P.). In 2011 Alne self-released the promo “Perunowy Kamień” and in 2012 their debut full-length album “Alne” was out via the Ukrainian label Archaic Sound.

Alne’s music is a unique mixture of pagan metal and folk rock that the only way to describe it is to listen to it! They use only the typical metal instruments (guitars, bass and drums) – no synths of traditional folk instruments. Their music moves in mid tempo rhythms and their compositions are based on heavy rock / metal guitar riffs. Of course the highlight of “Alne” is Kasia’s amazing female vocals. Forget the typical female vocals, she has her own style, combining folk, ethereal, pagan and rock singing, performed in a very emotional, natural, raw, “free” and personal way. She is really very good! The band also uses male vocals, sang from Klimor, something between clean and brutal ones, never becoming extreme though. The combination of these different vocal styles is very successful, making the whole result much more interesting. It is obvious that all band members are experienced and skilled musicians. They have a surprisingly good production that many “professional” producers would envy, and a crystal clear, solid and balanced sound! The album contains 9 songs and last a little over 44 minutes. Their music and lyrics are inspired by spiritual traditions of Slavonic and old Prussian people, ancient Gods of their homeland, ethnographic studies of feasts, folk demonology, customs, rites and chants. Alne also used poems by the early 20th century writers and all their lyrics are in their native language, but there are detailed descriptions and translations in the booklet.

If you are into experimental folk metal and you like to discover fresh, different and original bands, then Alne is a very good choice. Their music is not easy to listen, since they don’t use catchy melodies, but a very bizarre, personal, esoteric and emotional approach in the folk metal / rock genre. “Alne” is released by Archaic Sound in standard case jewel case edition with a black & white illustrated 10-page folded booklet. You can visit the following links to their official pages to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Alne @ Facebook
Alne @ Myspace


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