BLACK MESSIAH – The Final Journey

BLACK MESSIAH - The Final Journey

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: AFM Records
Year: 2012

Three years after the amazing “First War of the World” German epic folk black metallers Black Messiah are back with another brilliant work! “The Final Journey” is their 5th full-length album, 20 years after the band’s birth! Their debut album “Sceptre of Black Knowledge” in 1998, was quite different from their current style (closer to underground black metal) and with a totally different line-up. Since 2005 and their wonderful second album “Oath of a Warrior“, the band redefined its style giving a more epic folk symphonic approach in its music. What is remarkable with Black Messiah is that they keep improving within each work, something very uncommon for most bands of their level!

The Final Journey” has a more epic melodic mood, with symphonic elements much less dominant. Zagan’s enchanting violins could be the highlight of this album, if everything else wasn’t perfect too! There are 10 songs in the album, each one with its own personal identity and all of them under the same characteristic sound of the band. Black Messiah have perfected their compositions and there is not a single filler song, nor an indifferent moment, even if the album lasts for more than 55 minutes. Their guitars sound more epic and melodic than before, while synths are definitely in the background this time. They combine black metal screams with excellent clean male vocals, both as epic as it gets. Guest baritone singer, a few female vocals, as well as the guest appearance in one song of Frost from Adorned Brood add even more points to the album. “The Final Journey” contains epic black metal with great refrains, magical violins, acoustic guitars and wonderful vocals in a very solid result, under a perfectly balanced and professional production. The album also includes the instrumental “Into the Unfathomed Tower” as a tribute to Candlemass, while they have also released a video-clip for the opening track “Windloni“. All songs are great, but my personal favorite is “Der Ring mit dem Kreuz” one of the most catchy epic melodic folk metal songs I’ve ever listened to. Some of their songs are in German and the rest in English, dealing with epic Viking thematology.

Black Messiah is a band that respects itself and its fans, releasing another brilliant work. If you are into epic melodic black metal, you should definitely check them. All of their albums are great, but I think this one is the best. ”The Final Journey” is released by AFM Records with a bonus DVD, including the “Windloni” video, and backstage material from Bern, Moskau, Summerbreeze, interviews etc, with a total running time of 100 minutes. Follow the links to their official pages below and enjoy their music.


Rating:  (9,5/10)

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