CALADAN BROOD debut album details

CALADAN BROOD - Echoes of Battle

Echoes of Battle” is the debut album of this newcomer band from Utah of USA and their songs are the epic black metal interpretation of Erikson’s Malazan books. In fact, when you listen to “Echoes of Battle” for the first time, you might think you’re listening to the new Summoning, simply because Summoning defined this very style. What distinguishes Caladan Brood from a mere copycat is their ability to take what worked for Summoning and then add their own trademarks to it, such as clean male vocals and choirs or actual guitar solos and forging all of this into something truly majestic, thus redefining the term epic black metal in their own unique way, just like Erikson redefined epic fantasy with his books.

Everything on this 71 minutes long release, the fantastic music, the great vocals, the massive sound, the attention to detail, the beautiful artwork by Albert Bierstadt, the poetic lyrics, everything works in tandem to create an album that will be enjoyed by fans of this style for years to come and may even end up in many all-time faves lists. The CD will be released in a limited to 1000 copies digipak version and in standard jewel case edition via Northern Silence Productions on February 15th, 2013. A limited 2LP follows later in 2013.

1. City of Azure Fire (10:09)
2. Echoes of Battle (9:21)
3. Wild Autumn Wind (13:46)
4. To Walk the Ashes of Dead Empires (13:12)
5. A Voice Born of Stone and Dust (9:50)
6. Book of the Fallen (14:55)

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