CRYSTALMOORS – Circle of the Five Serpents

CRYSTALMOORS - Circle of the Five Serpents

Origin: Spain
Genre: Epic Death Metal Folk Black Metal
Label: San Roman Productions
Year: 2011

CrystalMoors is a Spanish pagan metal band from Santander, Cantabria. They began in 1995 as a personal side-project of Erun-Dagoth, whose main band was Eldereon (ex-Moonshine). The early steps of CrystalMoors were closer to underground black metal. With the passing of time, the band got a full line-up and more Celtic folk influences were added to its sound. After three demos, they finally released their debut EP “The Unconquered Land” in 2003, followed 4 years later by the split “Nabia Orebia / Oroimenaren Sustraiak” with Omendark. In 2008 the debut full-length album “Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem” was out via Blood Fire Death Productions, a work with more Celtic folk elements. In the end of 2011 the band offers its second full-length “Circle of the Five Serpents“, released by San Roman / Morbid Shrine Productions.

According to their own words, CrystalMoors play exclusively Cantabrian pagan metal, which is a mixture between epic and melodic death / black metal with Celtic folk influences and lyrics based in their mythology and Celtic Cantabrian culture. Well, it’s one of the few times that I couldn’t agree more with a band’s words about its music! I always knew CrystalMoors play epic folk pagan black metal with an underground approach. So, when I listened to their new album I was surprised, since I find it very different than what they’ve done so far. First of all, folk elements and traditional Celtic instruments are significantly reduced, almost vanished. The second basic difference, is the much more death metal oriented sound, both in guitars and vocals. “Circle of the Five Serpents” contains 8 songs with a total duration of 45 minutes. Their production is more solid and the band sounds more epic and heavy than melodic, with a somehow more mainstream approach. I also see some doom elements in some of their songs and sometimes I think it’s like they play with doom death metal sound but in pagan black metal tempo! Anyway, not all their songs are the same; some of them are closer to pagan black and the rest to epic death, and many parts were both styles are combined. Most of the time they move from mid to fast tempo and their singing changes between black metal screams, death metal growls and a few clean male vocals. The few remaining traditional instruments add to their Cantabrian pagan atmosphere and I’d like much more of them. Their lyrics are both in their native language and English, but they are not in the booklet.

Circle of the Five Serpents” is a nice work of epic pagan black / death metal with some folk touches. If you like this genre, this is the right album to check from CrystalMoors. If you prefer more folk oriented black metal, you better check their previous works. The album is released with a beautifully illustrated 8-page booklet and you can check their music in the links below.


Rating:  (8/10)

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