OBSCURCIS ROMANCIA – Theatre of Deception

Obscurcis Romancia - Theatre of Deception

Origin: Canada
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Symphonic black metallers Obscurcis Romancia were formed back in 1998. They originate from Quebec Canada and released their first demo “Le Règne Du Seigneur De Perdition” in 2001. Two years later, in 2003, they released their debut self titled EP with the Canadian label Galy Records. They offered us 35 minutes of very promising symphonic black metal, with beautiful synths and a somehow raw production, appealing more to the underground circles. After that, the band remained silent for 9 years and it was the end of February 2012 that they finally released their debut full length album “Theatre of Deception”; an album they decided to finance themselves, with no label behind them.

The differences compared to the previous works are huge! The improvement in production and the overall sound is really impressive. They play ultra fast black / death metal, full of synths. Sometimes they have a more symphonic approach, while others a more classical one, where piano solos are mixed perfectly with their extreme metal. It is a very complex album with many different tempos in each song and every time you listen to it you have something new to discover. Fast, aggressive and furious blast beats meet melodic synths and guitars in a very balanced and interesting result. Their guitars sound very melodic, whether they play fast riffs, slower lead parts, or their amazing solos. The technical skills of Obscurcis Romancia musicians are now at a very high level and the band has nothing to “fear” if compared to the big names of the genre. They use a wide variety of vocals, ranging from black to death metal, with more characteristic ones the extreme “ala Dani Filth” shrieking screams. So maybe at a first spin they remind of early Cradle of Filth, but that would be a very superficial reading of their music, since the band has undoubtedly a very personal sound. “Theatre of Deception” contains 8 long tracks, with a total duration of 65 minutes. If I had to pick just one song that would be “In Memoriam” where the classical melodies on piano and guitars blend with fast black metal and extreme screaming vocals in an unbelievable melodic dark romantic result; well their name fits their music perfectly! Some songs are in English and other in French language and their lyrics deal with dark fantasy themes.

Overall “Theatre of Deception” is a first class symphonic black metal album that will satisfy even the most skeptic fans of the genre. Obscurcis Romancia return after 9 years with amazing improvement in every aspect of their music and it’s obvious they did put a lot of effort in their debut. I believe they definitely deserve your attention and since its a self release they need even more your support. You can check the links below to get a taste of their music.


 Rating:  (8,5/10)



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