MONGOL – The Altan Urug

MONGOL - The Altan Urug

Origin: Canada
Genre: Folk Death Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Mongol is a new folk death metal band from Devon, Alberta in Canada. What is very special about them is that their concept, folk tunes and instruments, pay homage to the ancient Mongolian Empire! This 6-piece band was formed in 2009 and released the demo “Leisurely Destruktion” in 2010. In the end of September 2012, their debut album “The Altan Urug” was out, self-released by the band.

I must say that there are many good elements in ”The Altan Urug“, which leaves many promises for the future. The album contains 9 songs and it lasts for a little over 31 minutes. Their music is based to epic death metal (sometimes it gets more brutal than the usual of the genre), but the melodies are carried out by their epic synths and their unusual folk instruments (banjo, mandolin and accordion). Unluckily for me, not all of the songs are folk oriented. The parts, where their music is moving on the traditional Mongolian scales and is enriched by the folk instruments, are really very different, original and interesting. The “pure” epic death metal parts still need improvement in my opinion. Except for this kind of unbalance between the songs, I believe that a better production would favor their music more. I shouldn’t complain thought, since for a first effort their sound is more than decent! The vocals are brutal death metal growls, fitting perfectly with their overall atmosphere. Lyrics are in English, dealing with epic themes in general, not expanding too much in Mongolian history.

Overall I find Mongol’s debut very very interesting. The band moves in a quite unexplored folk metal path and with some minor improvements they can make something really good, as the many wonderful moments of the album prove. “The Altan Urug” is self released in a thick-paper sleeve without any booklet. Anyway, their music is what matters most and it is very good and original as you can check in their official Facebook profile below. Fans of folk extreme metal should at least check them!


Rating:  (8/10)

Mongol @ Facebook


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