Claim the Throne are preparing their new album, their 3rd full-length work, which will be hopefully released in 2013. This epic folk death metal band from Australia was formed in 2005 and after 2 successful full-length albums, an EP and many live gigs, they are ready for even bigger “conquests”. So the time was right to talk with Cabba (vocals, guitars) about everything.

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- Hails from Greece. It’s always a pleasure to talk with bands from so far away places. Would you like to introduce the band to our readers?                      

Thanks for the interview and great job with Metal Soundscapes! It’s Cabba here, vocalist / guitarist from Australian band Claim The Throne.

- How would you describe Claim the Throne’s music to someone who has never listened to you before?

On the heavier side of folk pagan metal with a big melo-death influence. Along the lines of bands like Suidakra, Ensiferum, Wintesun etc.

- The band started back in 2005. What were the main influences of your music and what the memories of that time?

At that time we were listening to a lot of folk / pagan bands, but also black and death metal. Hearing bands like Suidakra, Kalmah, Forefather, Ensiferum etc inspired us to take that sort of direction, but also trying to combine it with things like Dissection and even Opeth… You can tell from our earlier stuff that it was a jumble of ideas not executed very well haha, but the plan was there and we have built on it ever since.

- In 2008 your debut full-length album “Only the Brave Return” was out. That album was quite different from your current sound. How do you feel about this work now? How was it received back then?

The songwriting and production on that album was very average and is difficult for us to listen to these days. At the time it was received very well in Australia, probably because the folk / pagan thing hadn’t hit our shores just yet. We also wrote a fantasy book to coincide with that album, with each song telling a chapter of the novel, so it was something very different for Aussie metal.

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- Your next release was the 11mins EP “Aletales”, which also included a mini DVD. Tell us a few words about this unusual release?

This one started as a bit of fun, experimenting with an upbeat style of folk metal. It was a chance for us to gain more experience writing and recording and to use some video footage for a DVD. We also made a video clip from that release, getting us more exposure and touring opportunities.

- Finally in the end of 2010 your second album “Triumph and Beyond” was released. This time everything sounded much more professional. What has changed between the two albums?

A lot of gigging experience and a few line-up changes meant we were much more prepared this time around. We narrowed our genre and made sure the songs were well written and consistent.

- What were fans’ and press’ reactions to your last work? Seeing it now from distance, would you change anything?

All of the feedback has been similar to what you said on Metal Soundscapes… “If you have listened to the bands debut, you wont believe your ears with this new work!” Haha, so that is always positive to hear. I don’t think we would change anything, maybe a few things sound-wise, and perhaps an extra song or two…

- “Aletales” and “Triumph and Beyond” were both release by the Australian label Prime Cuts Music. Are you satisfied with the cooperation? Will you continue in this label, or are you searching for anything new?

Dysie from Prime Cuts has been great for us, helping with promotion and getting gigs and now he is even a member of the band. For the next release we will be working hard for a major international label, but we will see what happens.

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- Can you tell us about the composition process in your band? Is there any main composer, or is everyone contributing?

We all work well together, with lots of different influences and each song is written differently. I guess the most common way it happens is I will put some riffs together for Dysie and I to jam on, Jesse will add some awesome keys, Ash will write the drums, then Jim will make it super heavy!

- What are the main influences of your inspiration? Is any any particular concept or thematology? Any message through your music?

Each release has its own concept. The first album followed a fantasy story that we wrote, and “Aletales” as the name suggests was just about getting mega drunk… “Triumph & Beyond” focused on winning battles (triumph) and celebrating victory (beyond). The new album will be different again, something about the destruction of the world through the Earth’s wrath, but don’t tell anyone yet Smilie: ;-)

- Claim the Throne are already preparing their third album. At what stage are you now? Is there any official information for its release?

It’s nearly all written and we are recording in February / March. No info on its release just yet, it all depends on label interest and touring opportunities. Fans of our softer tracks can also check out my acoustic stuff recently released online:

Claim the Throne - Cabba

- What should we expect from the new album? Are there significant changes or redirections to your music style? Any line-up changes?

Similar in style to “Triumph & Beyond“, but heavier and faster, whilst still having a folk metal feel (ie acoustic guitars, keys, rough/clean male and female vocals). More songs, mostly 5-8mins length, and we will be playing a few of these songs at our next live shows in Perth.

- How is Claim the Throne on stage? What should your fans expect from your live shows?

When we started out the live show was really crazy with all sorts of costumes, warriors, feasts, anything could happen really… It is toned down in that regard these days, but fans can always expect huge energy levels, lots of crowd interaction, headbanging and heaps of beer.

- Are there any gigs scheduled for 2013? Any thoughts for international tour?

We have shows in Perth during January, February & March and will be doing everything possible for international tours once the album is out. Our ultimate goal is to get onto heaps of international tours and of course to play some European summer festivals. We’d gladly play around the world every day of the year!

- Some of you also participate in other bands too. Would you like to tell us a few words about them?

Jim has tech-death band Entrails Eradicated, and Dysie can occasionally be seen with porngrinders Cuntscrape. I play in melodic death black band Red Descending that Jesse also does some vocals for. There are a few other projects with Claim the Throne members too, such as Farthing Wheel, Pointbreakdown, and Petrol Powered Goonbag Holocaust.

Claim the Throne - Jesse Stagedive

- Do you follow your country’s metal scene? Are there any interesting bands you have to recommend?

There are heaps of great Aussie bands and very healthy local scenes. Death metal is pretty big at the moment with Psycroptic, Disentomb, Fuck Im Dead and Bloodduster all dominating… Belakor play great melodic death, Bane Of Isildur for battle metal, Mournful Congregation for Doom, Astriaal for Black. The new King Parrot video is cool too!

- Do you feel that the band has defined its style? Is this what we will hear from you in the future, or do you consider changing you style and experimenting with other genres?

We’re very comfortable with our current sound and will be sticking to it. It’s a combo of folk metal with melodic death, and we hope that fans from all sorts of metal genres will enjoy the next album.

- Thank you very much for your time! I wish you all the best. Last words are yours.

Thanks for reading this far! Please follow us on the web while we record the new album and we hope to be touring to a venue near you this year!

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