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LAST WAIL - Memories

Russian folk melodic death metallers Last Wail are ready to release their second full-length album “Memories“, after 2011′s debut album “The Tale of Endless Night“. The band tries to connect melodic death metal with folk motifs and they used many traditional  instruments in recording sessions (12 string guitars, 6 string guitars, whistle, flute, bagpipes in 1 song, etc). Their songs move in fast tempo and the lyrics deal with fantasy tales of the Middle Ages. According to Freyr (band’s composer) their new album sounds exactly as folk metal should be. “Memories” will be released by Stygian Crypt Productions and is expected around February / March 2013.

01. Battleforce
02. Last Wail
03. The Divine Amulet                   
04. Blood Rivers for the Countess.
05. The Saviour
06. Northern Shores
07. Bloodlust Huntress
08. Undine and the Wanderer
09. My Last Prayer
10. Farewell
11. Cards with Mephisto
12. Memories
13. Games of Thrones

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