Origin: Canada
Genre: Folk Extreme Metal Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

A new folk metal band is rising from the ever growing Canadian metal scene. Trobar were founded in 2009 in Rimouski, Quebec by two ex-members of Tenebrae Symphonia. After completing their line-up with four more members, the band played some gigs and started preparing its debut work. The result is the 5-track EP “Vÿs“, released in the beginning of 2011.

Despite the fact it contains only 5 songs, the album lasts for over 27 minutes, so with one or two additional songs it could be a full-length. They have a quite raw, natural and unpolished sound, while the folk elements are very dominant in their music. They use various traditional instruments, like flutes, piano and hurdy-gurdy, combining them with heavy distorted guitars, whose sound is closer to thrash (!) and death metal. Their vocals are also a combination of clean folk male vocals and death metal guttural screams. Of course the traditional Celtic and Quebecois folk tunes and scales are the ones who define their music. Unlike many bands of the genre, Trobar don’t just add folk instruments in their metal songs. They play folk music enriched with metal instruments and brutal vocals. Their songs have many changes in tempo, with acoustic folk instrumental passages, followed by more aggressive extreme metal parts. My favorite song from the album and the one that gave its name to it, is the 3rd track “Vÿs“, a beautiful acoustic instrumental song, whose folk melody has stuck in my mind. All their lyrics are in French and according to them, as well as to their name’s etymology, they are “troubadours who unbury their roots and their ancestors’ to share the poetical and musical universe they live in“.

Trobar left a very positive impression to me. I truly hope they will be able to release a full-length album soon. My only wish would be a better production, but without changing this natural feeling their sound has. I strongly recommend this album to fans of folk metal, especially the ones who search for more underground stuff. “Vÿs” is self-released by Trobar in standard jewel case edition and comes with an 8-page booklet that includes all the lyrics and some “manuscripts” in French. The best way to listen to their music and get their album is to visit their official profiles below and contact them directly.


Rating:  (8/10)

Trobar @ Facebook
Trobar @ Myspace


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