THYRFING reveal new album details

THYRFING - De Odeslosa

Pagan Viking black metallers Thyrfing, return with their 7th full-length album. The new work of the Swedish legendary band is entitled ”De Ödeslösa” and it will be released 5 years after their previous album “Hels Vite“.  The official release date was announced today by the of the band and it’s gonna be the 1st of March 2013. “De Ödeslösa” will be released by NoiseArt Records. The band hereby present the cover art for the upcoming album, created by Costin Chioreanu and the full tracklist.

1. Mot Helgrind
2. Fordom
3. Veners Förfall          
4. Illvilja
5. Kamp
6. Relik
7. Vindöga
8. De Ödeslösa

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