FEN – Dustwalker

FEN - Dustwalker

Origin: United Kingdom
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Aural Music Code 666 Records
Year: 2013

London based UK atmospheric black metallers Fen have just released their 3rd full-length album “Dustwalker“. The band was formed in 2006 and soon enough signed to Northern Silence Productions to release the EP “Ancient Sorrow” in 2007. After that, they gained the interest of Aural Music / Code666, who released their first two full-length albums “The Malediction Fields” in 2009 and “Epoch” in 2011. On 21st of January 2013 the time for their third work, again by Aural Music, has come.

Since their first steps, Fen revealed a very experimental mood in their music. Having its roots on atmospheric black metal and inspired by the landscapes of The Fens (an English region), the band was always influenced by post rock and shoegaze. These “influences” have finally became an essential element of their music and give Fen this distinctive personal sound. “Dustwalker” comes as the natural evolution of “Epoch“, without any significant changes in my opinion. Unlike many bands, Fen don’t mix black metal and post rock as two separate genres changing from one style to another. They have used elements from both genres, producing a unique solid sound. Their guitars have at the same time the cold sad desolate atmospheric color of black metal and the relaxing dreamy ambiance of post rock. It’s the changes on rhythm and vocal types that alter the mood of their music. Most of the time they move in mid to slow tempo though, with only a few faster parts. They still use black metal vocals, even if they sound more like “screaming whispers”, combining them with melancholic clean male vocals. There are also long instrumental atmospheric parts in their songs, where the bans is simply amazing. The album contains 7 songs lasting over an hour, plus a bonus track for the limited first press edition.

Fen have released another quality work. They insist on keeping some underground elements in their music, like the raw color in the vocals or some “noise” in their sound and at the same time their production seems improved! “Dustwalker” is released by Aural Music and so far comes only in clam box edition, including exclusive iron pendant with the band’s logo and one bonus track. The box also contains an 8-page booklet with some extracts of the lyrics, while all artwork and layout is by the band’s bassist Grungyn. No other edition is printed until now. Fans of atmospheric post black metal should definitely check them, if they haven’t done so already… You can follow their official profiles on Facebook and MySpace for sound samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

Fen @ Facebook
Fen @ Myspace


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