ETHEREAL SIN re-release debut album and prepare new work

ETHEREAL SIN - The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee- Ricordo

Japanese symphonic black metallers Ethereal Sin have announced the official re-release of their debut album “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee“. Ethereal Sin, who call their music elegiac black metal, were formed in 1997 and since then they have released several demos, the EP “The Cocoon and Ebony Thorns” in 1998, the self-released full-length “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee” in 2009, followed by a compilation, a live DVD and the EP “The Psalms of Forgotten Saga” in 2010. The band re-recorded the debut album, mixed and mastered it at Galaxy Blast Mastering (Japan) and will re-release it via the label Evoken de Valhall Production. The new version will be entitled “The Abyss will Also Gaze into Thee: Ricordo” and will be out on 20th of February 2013.

1. Forest of Macabre
2. Autumn Dusk                                   
3. Lost Destination
4. At The Gate of Bloody Ruins
5. Demon Remains
6. Mist and The Pagan’s Castle
7. Dawn of Crystal Lake
8. Spirits of Samurai
9. Far East Gate

The band has also prepared its second full-length album “Millendium“, mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio (Italy) and scheduled for release on June 2013. They have already revealed its cover artwork:

ETHEREAL SIN - Millendium

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