OBSCURITY – Obscurity

OBSCURITY - Obscurity

Origin: Germany
Genre: Epic Black Metal Epic Death Metal Viking Metal
Label: Trollzorn - SMP Records
Year: 2012

Epic black death Viking metallers Obscurity from Velbert, Germany return with their sixth assault! The self titled album was released on October 2012, once again by Trollzorn / SMP Records, who also released their previous 2 works. Obscurity were born 16 years ago, on 1997 and between 2000 and 2010 they released 5 full-length albums, forging their personal sound. Their new album follows the same path with its predecessors, without any surprises or music redirection.

Obscurity” contains 11 songs and 51 minutes of music in the band’s characteristic melodic, yet merciless aggressive epic pagan black death metal. Their music is based as always on their fast epic guitar riffing and fierce vocals. They don’t use synths, except for the last song “So Endet Meine Zeit” with guest orchestration by Carsten Benninghoff. They have a very solid and “full” sound, so synths would be totally needless for them anyway! Like in their previous album, Obscurity have perfected their production and everything sounds as it should be. Their rhythm is the usual for the band, between mid and fast tempo, with only a few slower parts. Some songs have a more rhythmic death metal approach, others a more melodic viking black metal approach and most of them move between both styles. Agalaz’s vocals remain in the brutal side and his epic powerful passionate screams follow the aggressive mood of the compositions. The guest appearances of Frost (Adorned Brood) and Stephan (Fjoergyn) on 2 songs is at the same style, so there are no clean vocals at all in the album. Except for a few English lines borrowed from Quorthon (Bathory) all lyrics are in German and you can find them in the CD-booklet.

Apart from a slight sound improvement, Obscurity remain faithful to their style, satisfying most probably the majority of their fans. If you have listened to their previous albums, you know what to expect from this new work. If you have never listened to their music and you are into epic black death metal, then you better check this album. “Obscurity” is released by Trollzorn / SMP Records and it comes in digipak edition, with 12-page booklet and Jobert Mello’s cover artwork. Below are the links to their official pages, where you can find more info and sound samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

Obscurity @ Facebook
Obscurity @ Myspace


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