ODRAEDIR reveal details of upcoming EP

ODRAEDIR - Troll's Cave

Pagan folk metallers Odraedir from Czech Republic have announced the release date of their new 3-track EP “Troll´s Cave“. It will be self-released on 18th January 2013. The band was formed in October 2009 and in 2011 released its first demo “Pagan Forest“. Their music is epic pagan folk metal with black / death metal elements and growling vocals. Except for the metal instruments, Odraedir use also synths and folk instrument samples (bagpipes, violin, flutes, etc.). Their lyrical concept has to do with drinking tales, epic battles and Celtic / Viking mythological themes.

01. Troll´s Cave
02. The Rise of Cernunnos                  
03. Campfire

Petr Matouš (Křen) – Guitars, Vocals, Flutes, Jaw Harp
David Urban (Artiller) – Drums
Jakub Držmíšek (Dub) – Growls
Luboš Růžička (Oggy) – Bass
Marek Brabec (Mtyperys) – Guitar

Odraedir @ Facebook
Odraedir @ Bandzone


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