PENSÉES NOCTURNES unveil 4th album details


Avant-garde neoclassical black metal band Pensées Nocturnes, the solo project of Vaerohn (also on Valhôll, Way to End) has revealed its plans for its new album. After the self-released and very limited “Ceci est de la Musique” in 2011, Pensées Nocturnes return to Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions, the label who released their first 2 masterpieces. The fourth album will be called “Nom d’une Pipe!” and it will take the band’s unique experimental sound even further: black metal, reggae, tango, musette and many more, everything mixed together! Like the previous album, ”Nom d’une Pipe!” will be accompanied by a fairly substantial booklet (about 20 pages). Layout and graphics are made by Camille Roudier. The release date is 30th of March 2012. You can pre-0rder it at Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions’s webshop. Exclusive limited digipak edition and reissue of the first album “Vacuum” is expected soon by the label.

1. Il a Mangé le Soleil  (5:18 )          
2. Le Marionnettiste  (8:13)
3. Les Hommes à la Moustache  (2:32)
4. Le Berger  (5:34)
5. La Chimère  (6:09)
6. L’Androgyne  (7:53)
7. La Sirène  (6:02)
8. Le Choeur des Valseurs  (4:42)
9. Bonne Bière et Bonne Chère  (3:41)

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