WAY TO END reveal new album details

WAY TO END - Various Shades of Black

French avant-garde black metal band Way to End has announced its new album “Various Shades of Black” coming on March 30th. Following “Desecrated Internal Journey“, released on 2009 by Debemur Morti Productions and considered by many as a breakthrough in avant-garde black metal, the new album pushes even more forward! Complex music, tortured melodies enhanced by a great variety of voices, a strange feeling of not knowing what’s coming next, an uneasiness that won’t leave you, even after the last note has been played. “Various Shades of Black” will be released by Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions and you can pre-0rder it at label’s webshop.

1. Sous les Rangs
2. L’Apprenti
3. Evolution Fictive                        
4. Vain
5. Aganippe
6. La Figure Dansante de l’Incompréhension
7. A Mon Ombre
8. Au Fond d’un Verre de Poussière
9. Ixtab
10. La Ronde des Muses Fânées
11. Various Shades of Black

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