AETHERNAEUM unveil new album details

AETHERNAEUM - Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald

Alexander Paul Blake released his black metallic solo debut “Die Rückkehr ins Goldene Zeitalter” in April 2012 under his own name – and already in April 2013 he is back with the successor. This album surprisingly appears under the project name Aethernaeum. How come? “I wanted the music to be recognized for its own good with the attention not so much focused on me as a person“, explains Blake his motives. “Also there were several creative spirits involved in this album“. The multi-talented artist from Berlin (Germany) made this unusual step directly after the debut album and now he clearly expresses Aethernaeum’s concept, as it is a newly coined word from Athenäum (a literary magazine from the times of romanticism) and the term ether. “The name fuses the connection to the epoch of romanticism and spirituality in general“, comments the musician. “To me it symbolizes the yearning for transcendence, closeness to nature, references to myths and emphasis on passion and individuality.

In terms of music the general route of the predecessor will be continued. That is: it will be nature-mystic folk black metal, which joins harsh moments of fury with quiet ambient and folk passages and epic, exalted parts. This time the songs are even longer, often clocking in at ten minutes and more, with a strong emphasis on atmosphere. Even violin and cello are employed. This long player, which again was produced by Blake himself, tears through the speakers considerably more powerful than the debut, which was deliberately kept spartan and abrasive. Listeners of nature-infused black metal à la Wolves In The Throne Room, Burzum or early In The Woods as well as followers of Agalloch, Vintersorg or Moonsorrow will be attracted!

Furthermore Aethernaeum shall be present live onstage, the premiere on the 2013 WGT is a done deal. Several special gimmicks are in the planning stage for the limited edition of the CD. You’ll be in for a surprise! The new album is entitled “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” and it will be released on 19th of April 2013 by Einheit Prodiuktionen.

1. Auf den Nebelfeldern  11:42
2. Waldaura  12:05
3. Totenlichter (Interlude)  3:48
4. Zur Mittwinternacht  6:37
5. Deva (Interlude)  1:29
6. Das Huegelvolk  8:17
7. Tanz der Sturmgeister  8:19
8. Sonnentor  9:54
9. Abgesang (Epilog)  1:07

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