INCHIUVATU reveal details of their upcoming album


The pioneers of the “Mediterranean Scene” Inchiuvatu have announced the release of their new album, 5 years after their previous LP “Miseria“. In the meantime they also released two EPs, “33” in 2008 and “Ecce Homo” in 2011. The new album will be entitled “INRI” and it contains 14 songs, lasting about 35 minutes, so it’s something between full length and EP. Half of the songs will be in their characteristic acoustic style and the rest in their unique melodic black metal style. “INRI” will be released CD-r with handmade artwork on 29th of March of 2013 by Inch Productions, the label behind the whole ”Mediterranean Scene” with bands like Lava, Ultima Missa, 3, Addraunara, La Caruta di li Dei, Astimi, Lamentu, Agghiastru (Inchiuvatu’s mastermind rock project) and others.

1. Pontius
2. Aìsa
3. Cari                                   
4. Matri Mea
5. El Cireneo
6. Veronica
7. Cari Arre’
8. ‘I Fimmini
9. Cariri
10. Cristo Pasto
11. INRI
12. Amen
13. Salma
14. Scava

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