ÆTHER REALM – One Chosen by the Gods

AETHER REALM - One Chosen by the Gods

Origin: USA
Genre: Epic Black Metal Folk Death Metal Viking Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

A new Viking metal band rises from Greenville, North Carolina. This US band was formed in the summer of 2010 and released the 2-song EP “Odin will Provide” one year later, on September 2011. Next year the single “Swampwitch” was revealed and finally on January 2013 Æther Realm released its debut full-length album “One Chosen by the Gods“, including the 3 aforementioned songs.

On its Facebook profile the band clearly states: “we are not from Finland” and they have many reasons to say so. Their sound is deeply influenced by Finnish melodic metal, mostly by Wintersun and early Children of Bodom in my opinion. Æther Realm have managed to balance all their influences in their own sound and ”One Chosen by the Gods” is a real gem that every fan of the genre should discover! There are 9 songs in the album that lasts for 42 minutes. After the melodic instrumental intro, the first song “Hourglass” comes storming in, revealing the band’s intentions… Epic, melodic, symphonic and folk at times Viking black death metal, with excellent production and perfectly skilled musicians. The band has a very powerful sound with wonderful orchestrations. Melodic lead guitars, epic riffs and amazing solos are the dominant elements of their music, while the synths help them enrich their sound, making them even more majestic. Vincent’s epic brutal vocals are just perfect for their music, while the addition of few choirs and clean male vocals gives another dimension to their music. All compositions are very interesting, with catchy melodies, epic bombastic refrains and a thunderous fast tempo, a relentless Viking metal assault! As you can easily guess, lyrics deal with Northern mythology and fantasy.

Æther Realm is a band that will undoubtedly satisfy fans on epic melodic black / death Viking metal, especially those who love the Finnish sound. “One Chosen by the Gods” contains 9 wonderful compositions, one better than the other, without any “fillers”. The band has so early developed a very mature and professional sound and in my opinion it’s only a matter of time (and promotion) to get the recognition they deserve, since they are much better than many signed bands of the genre! “One Chosen by the Gods” is released directly by the band in a standard jewel case edition with a 6-page folded booklet, including all the lyrics. In my opinion the cover artwork doesn’t reflect the sound of the band, so if you are influenced by the artwork of an album, you should make an exception here. You better visit the official pages of the band below, to listen to their wonderful music and get the album!


Rating:  (9/10)

Æther Realm @ Facebook


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