LUTECE – … Our Ashes Blown Away

LUTECE - ... Our Ashes Blown Away

Origin: France
Genre: Epic Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

Epic French black metal horde Lutece, return with a new album, 5 years after their previous effort. After the split-up of the black metal band Dark Requiem, two of its members, Denosdrakkh and Hesgaroth, formed Lutece in 2006. As a duet, they released their debut full-length album “…and Ancestors Still Remain” in 2007 via Triple Silence Records. Next year they self-released the EP “Awakening Ancient Gods“, which was distributed in Ireland, since Denosdrakkh was also playing in the Irish Celtic black metal band Geasa at that time. Finally in January 2013, their second full-length “… Our Ashes Blown Away” was out, self-released once again.

Since their early steps, Lutece played epic battle black metal with a few folk elements, but their first work suffered a very poor production, something that the band tried to improve in the next EP. If you have listened to these albums, you won’t believe your ears with this new one: a complete transformation and an impressive improvement soundwise! The band has now a very solid powerful sound and a much darker aggressive approach, something depicted in their artwork too. “… Our Ashes Blown Away” is quite long, since its 13 songs last for 55 minutes. Their music is mostly based on the guitars and their epic riffs. Drums sound finally like a real drums, while Hesgaroth’s vocals remain on the brutal side, with a wide range of singing styles though. The band uses very few synths and only in some of the songs. There are many differences between the songs, but it’s their characteristic dark sound and this epic aggressive mood that unifies them all. In my opinion their music moves between 3 basic genre categories: sometimes they have a straightforward brutal epic black metal sound, other times a more melodic pagan metal approach, while there are also some songs where the band shows influences from other metal genres, like death or thrash! All of their lyrics are in English, dealing with dark epic and mythological themes.

… Our Ashes Blown Away” is a very good work that fans of dark epic black metal better check. It has almost nothing to do with their previous album, so it’s irrelevant whether you have listened to Lutece before, or not. They have now a professional sound, with very good production and well-composed songs. The album is released by the band in a standard jewel case edition with slipcase and a 12-page booklet, including all the lyrics. You can visit their official profiles below to listen to the music of this totally reborn band.


Rating:  (8/10)

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