SFERSLAV – Линь За Хмари

SFERSLAV - Lyn' Za Hmari

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Acoustic Folk Metal
Label: Sonnenrune Records
Year: 2011

Sferslav is a new Ukrainian folk band with no much info about it in the web. The only think I can tell for sure is that they have released their debut EP “Линь За Хмари” in 2011 with Sonnenrune Records, a label specialized in pagan metal bands. Of course Sferslav don’t belong in this genre so far, since this miniCD is simply acoustic folk music. I don’t even know the band members and how many of them are in the band, since their booklet or their webpages give no details.

After searching more, the only think I can tell is that their female singer is Sasha “Valkyria” Sergeeva and I believe Sferslav must be her personal project, with the help of a few other musicians. Anyway let’s go to the music. This album contains only 4 songs and it’s just a little more than 17 minutes long. They use acoustic guitars and traditional folk instruments combined with beautiful female vocals, combined with a few male ones. Despite the fact there are almost no metal instruments at all, except maybe some rare electric guitars, the band has something “metallic” in its melancholic, nostalgic atmosphere. It sounds like they are a folk side-project of a pagan metal band. Their orchestrations are reach and very balanced, while Sasha’s vocals are really nice. Sometimes she whispers and other times she sings in the traditional folklore Ukrainian style, trying to give a fresh sound to it. And I believe this is what I like in this album. She has combined aethereal female vocals with typical Slavic folk singing in a very interesting result. The band seems to give a lot of attention to its stylistic choices and they wear colorful costumes and masks. Unluckily I can’t tell a lot about their lyrics, concept or ideology, since it’s all in their native language.

The reason I review this album is that I find something good and original in them. There are many beautiful ideas in the songs and I’d really like to see them in something more complete and diverse. Anyway “Линь За Хмари” is a very decent EP and I am sure fans of Slavic folk music will appreciate it. At least it left me with a “positive” feeling. You can visit their myspace page to get an idea of their music, or watch the album trailer below. If you want to get a copy of the beautifully illustrated CD, you can do it directly through their label’s webshop. Check the links below.


Rating:  (7,5/10)



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