AN NORVYS – Sins and Stones (EP)

AN NORVYS - Sins and Stones

Origin: France
Genre: Folk Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

French Celtic folk metallers An Norvys return with their second EP “Sins and Stones” in the end of 2012, almost 2 years after their demo EP “One and All” that was released in the beginning of 2011. The band continues on the same style with its first work, but this time new elements were added and many others have improved in my opinion.

Like its predecessor, “Sins and Stones” contains 4 songs and lasts just a little over 23 minutes. The overall style remains female vocal fronted folk metal with Celtic violins and a few, but significant changes in their music. Liliane Bos has definitely improved her vocals, finding new ways to express herself with perfect control of her voice. She is now equally good both in the calm smoother parts and in her aggressive emotional outbursts. The addition of clean and extreme male vocals in 2 songs,  but especially in the last one “The One Who Slew Giants” has also given a new expressive dimension to their music. Violin moves on traditional Celtic folk scales, but this time guitars have a much more leading role in the melodies, making their orchestrations more complete and complex. Their songs still move in mid tempo rhythm, with some faster and slower parts, the typical for folk metal. In my opinion An Norvys have now a folk rock approach in some parts of their music, which together with a few acoustic parts and the addition of male vocals make their compositions even more interesting than before. Their production is also improved and the band presents a more mature and balanced sound. Of course their thematology still deals with the legends of Cornwall and 2 of the songs are the second parts of songs of the first EP.

An Norvys have practically improved every aspect of their music and I think they should start thinking about their first full-length album. If you like folk metal, you shouldn’t hesitate at all to give them a listen. “Sins and Stones” is released in digital format, as well as in a limited to 100 edition of physical CDs in slim jewel-case with 2-page black-white booklet. You can visit their official pages in the links below and get a taste of the band’s both works.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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An Norvys @ MySpace


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